"I can give you a hand with anything you want."
— Zyra
Standard Agent Zyra
Name Zyra
Age 18
Skills Intelligence, Stamina, Accuracy
Vehicle Urban Avenger
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator Enter Fishstick

Zyra is a Dino Attack agent who has been in the force for about a year.

Biography Edit

Zyra's first real mission in the Dino Attack Team was to secure the Goo Caverns, which were overrun with Mutant Dinos and collapsing. Zyra was adrift at sea when he was picked up by a helicopter of DA agents. They were traveling to the Goo Caverns and Zyra tagged along. David Norman, Zenna, and Alpha caught up to Zyra in a rocket. Afterward, they joined the group of DA agents. The team finally managed to reach the Trouble Train, which would take them to the Goo Caverns and Zyra's first mission.

When the team got to the station, they found it was overrun by Mutant Dinos. The Ogel Drones gave them vehicles to fight them off. The managed to defeat them and moved into the Goo Caverns. After fighting other Mutant Dinos in the Goo Caverns, the squad of Dino Attack agents finally decided to use G-16 to support the them.

Zyra was separated from the rest of his squad and met Zorikk. Zyra met the unfortunate DA agent in the Goo Caverns when they were attempting to coat the walls in G-16. Zorikk was separated from his squad and was being chased by a Mutant T-Rex. Zyra managed to save him and they became friends.

The two managed to stumble on another egg cave and then found Helmie, Tail and Greybeard in their Ogel Drilling Vehicle. They were forced to collapse the cave in order to save themselves but were trapped under the rocks themselves. Eventually they were saved and managed to get out. Then the Dino Attack team left in Coral's sub, but on the way out they received a faked message. The DA team then returned to the caverns and were ambushed by hordes of Mutant Dinos. The team managed to fight their way through and began the evacuation of the goo caverns. On the way, Quadrant 14 finally erupted. The team was caught between a sea of lava and a horde of Mutant Dinos. Luckily, they escaped, boarded the Trouble Sub, and left the Goo Caverns.

Zyra's status as of the LEGO Island mission remains unconfirmed, leaving it uncertain whether or not he survived the Dino Attack.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Zyra is a friendly, outgoing person. His mood changes a lot, though. One minute he can be pessimistic and sarcastic, the next bright and cheerful.

Zyra has excellent agility and high stamina. He is above average for his fitness level. He does not specialize in any particular skills, and makes a good all-rounder.

Trivia Edit

  • Zyra is the primary character of BZPower member Enter Fishstick in the Dino Attack RPG.