Agent Tail
Name Tail
Skills Weaponry
Organization Alpha Team
Creator TakunuvaC01

Tail is an Alpha Team agent assigned to Dino Attack to assist Agent Reptile.

Biography Edit

Civilian Life Edit

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Alpha Team Edit

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Dino Attack Edit

Tail, who by now had become a foremost weapons specialist (both on ships and outside) was assigned to the Dino Attack Team as a guard, scout, and gunner. He was partnered with Web, a fellow Alpha Team agent. They served under Viper for a few months before they were transferred under Agent Magma's command.

Tail enjoyed working under Magma. He liked to serve in a group that maintained Alpha Team discipline. However, shortly after he began working for him, Magma was transferred back to Alpha Team. Tail was at first wary about serving under his replacement, the civilian scientist Reptile. But after Reptile picked the team to join him on a mission to Viking Island, Tail grew to appreciate his commander's capabilities- especially his ability to come up with a quick solution in the middle of a firefight. Tail served Reptile on many more missions with Web.

However, on one very strange mission, Tail and Web were called on to scavenge treasure from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea to pay the pirate Coral who was helping them. Web was poisoned by a snake, and Tail had to drag him and the treasure back in. Later on the mission, when the team arrived in Castle Cove, Web was taken over by a strange machine under the control of one of the witches of the Dark Knights. Web moved to attack the team, and Tail- not hesitating, despite the fact that Web was his close friend- cut him down with a laser rifle.

Tail began to reflect on his career- that he was capable of killing his best friend in a split second. He began to be disturbed by what he found he had done. But despite this inner reflection, he continued to serve Reptile as a gunner. During the missions after that, Tail took over the guns on Reptile's T-1 Typhoon. After the helicopter crashed during the Goo Caverns mission, Tail accompanied Reptile into the caverns. He met up with Coral a second time, and realized who Coral truly was: the rogue AT Agent Glacier. Despite this, Tail agreed to trust Coral, and escaped on his submarine, only to return to the Caverns to help the rest of the team.

Abilities and Traits Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Tail (and his co-character) Web were designed to fill the roles of two other "co-characters" that aided TakunuvaC01's previous primary character, Magma.
  • The codename Tail comes from the simple fact that dinosaurs have tails.