"Fast, reliable, good for quickly getting out of a pinch. Makes up for a lack of armor with speed and maneuverability."
The Steel Sprinter, also known as the Street Sprinter, is a vehicle used by the Dino Attack Team. It is the only vehicle a Rookie Agent can use.
Steel Sprinter

Digger using a Steel Sprinter to fight a mutant lizard

History Edit

Pre-Dino Attack Edit

As a request for more efficient LEGOLAND military vehicles, the Steel Sprinter's blueprint was drawn in 2005. A prototype of the small ATV was assembled, then tested by Alpha Team agent Flex. The Steel Sprinter made its premiere at the T-Fair 2005, then vanished into secrecy.

Dino Attack Edit

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Features Edit

A small four-wheeled ATV, the Steel Sprinter's main advantage is speed and agility. Although it is unarmed, most agents can easily keep a Mutant Lizard at bay with a Steel Sprinter and a Cosmotronic Ray, but the vehicle is useless against any Mutant Dino much larger than a lizard, though more skilled agents can easily take down a Mutant Raptor with a Steel Sprinter.. It is mainly used for short scouting missions.

The Steel Sprinter's classification is a Scout Vehicle with the access code 7473.

A variation of the Steel Sprinter known as the Dino Quad exists. Appearance-wise, it is exactly the same as the Steel Sprinter. However, it was designed for jungle terrain. Thus, while not used as often as the Steel Sprinter, the Dino Quad is used at locations such as Adventurers' Island or Dino Island.

Trivia Edit

  • When Dino Attack RPG was created, most references named the vehicle as the "Steel Sprinter". However, the LEGO set uses the name "Street Sprinter" instead, and sources eventually began using this name instead. Because Dino Attack RPG was created when it was still called the "Steel Sprinter" and most players in the RPG used that name, "Steel Sprinter" is the more RPG-canon name while "Street Sprinter" is the more LEGO-canon name.