Space City, also known as Spacetown, is a large facility in LEGOLAND where rockets and other missions into space are launched.

History Edit

Dino Attack Edit

Space City was abandoned by most of the space explorers, who headed to join the rest of the world at Antarctica. Those few who did not flee made use of the small rockets used for launching probes to devastate Mutant Dino attacks, and were able to survive for some time. Eventually, they ran out of rockets, however, and were evacuated a few weeks before the attack on Dino Attack Headquarters. The city was declared "Infested" and an operation was put together to retake it.

The disgraced Dino Attack agent Reptile had returned from a doomed mission to Castle Cove, where two agents under his command were killed and a terrible device found. He was sent to Space City on a scouting mission after strange signals were detected. He found that a strange group of aliens who had the power to turn invisible were operating in the area, building robotic dinosaurs using the spare parts lying around the city. They did not know he could detect him, so this allowed him to download a virus into the computers of the dinos, destroying them. Alpha Team, which had been alerted of the situation, sent agents who took the aliens and their ship into custody.

The operation to retake Space City was delayed because of the back-to-back assaults on the Goo Caverns and on LEGO Island; however a monitoring post was built to guard the ruined city against more alien attacks, if they were to return.