Lieutenant Snaproll
Name Snaproll
Age 25
Skills Piloting
Vehicle Aerial Defense Unit
Organization Agents Defense Organization
Creator Jackson Lake

Snaproll was a pilot in the Agents.

Biography Edit

Agents Edit

In 2008, Snaproll was drafted into the newly-formed Agents organization. Not much more than that is known at this point.

Dino Attack Edit

After Kat was arrested in the Goo Caverns, Snaproll was assigned to fly her from the main Agents headquarters to another outpost for further questioning. During the flight, Kat managed to free herself, incapacitate Snaproll, and take control of the helicopter. Because of this, he was suspended from flight duty.

When Kat, B, and Crooks were arrested on suspicion of murder, Snaproll was posted as a guard at the harbor where the alleged murder had occurred. Just as he had been relieved of duty and preparing to leave, Cane, who tracking Kat, sneaked up behind him, pulled him into an alley, and killed him by breaking his neck before stealing his uniform.

Abilities and traits Edit

Snaproll was a skilled pilot, able to handle every flying vehicle the Agents had.

Trivia Edit