"Aren't we all fighting for the same cause? Personally, I think it's about time we stopped bickering like street gangs and take care of the real problem."
— Osprey
Captain Osprey
Name Osprey
Age 35
Skills Strategy and organization
Vehicle Aerial Defense Unit
Organization Agents Defense Organization
Creator Jackson Lake

Osprey is a Captain in the Agents Defense Force.

Biography Edit

Agents Edit

Osprey joined the Agents Defense Organization when it was first formed, and quickly moved up in the ranks. In 2008 he briefly made the acquaintance of Alpha Team agent Swerve, but little else is known about his involvement in the events of that year.

Dino Attack Edit

When Kat was taken into custody by the Agents in the Goo Caverns, she was placed under Osprey's jurisdiction. Confused by her cryptic answers in interrogation, and having found out all he could about the "ShadowTech" organization she had mentioned, he ordered that Kat be moved to a more secure outpost in the mountains. It was en route to this outpost that Kat escaped.

Later, when Kat, B, and Crooks were arrested on suspicion of murder, Osprey himself led the squads of Agents which helped the LEGO City Police blockade the harbor.


Upon hearing that the Dino Attack team was operating in Antarctica, Osprey traveled there with two of his squads. He arrived in the middle of an encounter between the Agents, and Dino Attack along with their Alpha Team allies. He was able to mediate the confrontation between Colonel Covert and AT Special Agent Magma, reminding them of their common enemy.

Following the riots that broke out after Zenna leaked information about the Antarctica mission, Osprey and his squads remained in Antarctica to help with the civilian defenses.

Adventurers' IslandEdit

Through the ADO's satellite network, Osprey eventually noticed an increase in activity on Adventurers' Island. He eventually succeeded in getting permission to travel there to provide backup. The force, led by himself and Thaddeus Brickhouse, arrived as the battle at the Temple of Hotep III was raging.

When it was discovered that the Temple of Imagination was the true Maelstrom Temple, Osprey positioned his forces in a defensive perimeter around the bridge to the temple. He provided minor medical support to Hotwire after the latter collapsed, and also collected a number of XERRD scientists and warriors who surrendered to Hertz.

The Final BattleEdit

Osprey and Brickhouse once again brough reinforcements to the battle in LEGO City between the Dino Attack Team and XERRD.

Abilities and traits Edit

Osprey is an expert strategist, and wishes his fellow Agents were as thorough as he was. He is slightly disillusioned with the entire organization.

Trivia Edit

  • Osprey started the use of military ranks for Agents in Dino Attack RPG, because Jackson Lake thought that while it's okay to have "DA agent Rex," "AT Agent Magma," etc., it would get tedious if people continually had to reference "Agents Agent Osprey".
  • Osprey was the first ADO character to be depicted in a positive light.
  • Captain Osprey made an appearance in Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand.