Goldbeard was a former Pirate friend of Coral who assisted the Dino Attack Team. He died on his first and only mission with DA.

Biography Edit

Dino Attack Edit

Goldbeard, along with his friend Coral, had, along with many other people on the LEGO Planet, evacuated to Antarctica to wait out the Dino Attack. He agreed with Coral to try and make a living raiding supply ships supplying those few cities and bases (such as those belonging to DA) still active. It was a hard life- the Pirates were rarely able to pull off a successful raid, and found themselves living off of wrecks and fish. Most of their crew was captured and arrested by Alpha Team, who took a dim view of people robbing supply convoys to the Dino Attack Team, their allies.

One day, they were out fishing a bit too far from Antarctic and a large Mutant Sea Dinosaur of unknown breed was preparing to attack them. They were saved by the surprise appearance of an Iron Predator designed for water travel. The Iron Predator fought off the Sea Dinosaur but began to sink as a result of the battle. The two Pirates, whose boat had capsized, nearly drowned, but were saved by the sinking Iron Predator, which was then itself saved by a bubble which turned the vehicle into a submarine.

Reptile, in command of the Iron Predator, offered Coral and Goldbeard a job helping Dino Attack. The two Pirates consulted, and agreed that if sufficient "real treasure" was paid to them, they would help Reptile (and Dr. Formula, Tail and Web) on their mission to Castle Cove to find a device capable of manipulating genetic structures. Coral became the pilot and Goldbeard took a job as a gunner.

While the two Pirates ended up with more treasure then they had seen for many years, it was of little use to Goldbeard. After the crew reached Castle Cove, Web's unconscious body was animated by a witch (who was using the device Reptile was after). Using his laser, Web attacked the others. Goldbeard charged him, but before he reached his target, Web fired and vaporized him.

Traits and Abilities Edit

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