The Fire Hammer is a large jeep-like land vehicle used by the Dino Attack Team. It is the largest vehicle a Standard Agent can use.
Fire Hammer

Viper uses a Fire Hammer to fight off several mutant lizards

History Edit

Pre-Dino Attack Edit

Preliminary blueprints for the Fire Hammer were drawn in 2005 as a request for more efficient vehicles in the LEGOLAND military. A prototype was tested by Alpha Team agents Diamond Tooth and Flex. It was first showcased at the T-Fair 2005, then withdrawn into secrecy for five years.

Dino Attack Edit

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Features Edit

The Fire Hammer is a massive, rugged jeep. It is effective in almost any environment, and can be used to hold off large groups of Mutant Lizards at a time. A Mutant Raptor, though, can easily damage the armor. On the back is mounted a rotating Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher, which can be operated manually or from inside the cab.

The Fire Hammer is classified by the Dino Attack Team as an Armored Anti-Dino Assault Vehicle, with the access code 7475. Its front and side armor have been increased since the beginning of the Dino Attack to twelve inches of cyber-titanium.

A variant of the Fire Hammer, the Dino 4WD Trapper, also exists. Aside from the slight, near-unnoticeable differences in the jeep's construction, the one major difference between the Dino 4WD Trapper and the main Fire Hammer model is that the Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher was removed to make room for a Mutant Lizard cage, along with a winch and cable. Dino 4WD Trappers are rarely used due to the lack of the Xenon, but are used by idealistic Dino Attack Agents and scientists who wish to study Mutant Lizards.

Another, experimental variant of the Fire Hammer, known as the M12 Puma, is used for reconnaissance and scouting purposes. The Puma is not equipped with a Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher, instead with a M41 Vulcan anti-air turret. It requires a gunner, unlike the main variety of Fire Hammer, and fires conventional rounds instead of xenon. The M12 has less armor than a normal Fire Hammer, notably above the cabin. The Puma is designed to be more crash-resistant than its brethren, and can function perfectly after a crash or roll-over. The M12's one drawback is that the driver and passenger are more exposed to enemy fire.