This is a complete list of all Dino Attack Agents, both active and inactive.

Founding Members Edit

The Founding Members, also known as Elite Commando Agents, are the highest-ranking Dino Attack Agents. They founded the team, and continue to command the team today; no Founding Members are inactive.

Specs Edit

Specs is the Team Leader and a famous scientist in many departments.

Digger Edit

Digger is a paleontologist and a risk-taker.

Shadow Edit

Shadow is a former Alpha Team agent and an emotionally-driven realist.

Viper Edit

Viper was the first drafted Minifig into the team, but even so he helped to organize the new team, and thus is considered a Founding Member.

Elite Agents Edit

Elite Agents have privileges that allow them to do more things than Standard Agents, such as use Iron Predator and T-1 Typhoons. Elite Membership is only granted if the Founding Members see that an agent is performing exceptionally.

Adventure Edit

Rick "Adventure" Spherus was a proud and boastful explorer, as well as one of the commanding Elite Agents of the Adventurers' Island mission. He sacrificed himself during the battle against Dr. Rex to buy his teammates enough time to escape.

Andrew Edit

Knowledgeable in the history of Dino Attack, Andrew is a fighter and skilled builder who keeps his hometown of LEGO Island strongly in mind while fighting to save the LEGO Planet


Bacon is an elite agent who earned his name due to his belief that any problem could be solved via the use of bacon.

Barrowman Edit

Barrowman was a veteran of covert military and government operations, to the point that he declined to let anyone know what "secret" agent organization he served with. He joined Dino Attack as a government liaison/operative. Despite perishing in a LEGO Studios mission, rumors persist of him in action in the midst of Dino Attack battles.


A talented pilot, Cabin has managed to put her skills to good use several times.

Cobra Edit

Great with electronics, tracking, and aiming, Cobra won't leave a man behind.


Ernest Quartich was a famous Dino Attack agent who lead successful campaigns across the LEGO Planet. He was corrupted by the Maelstrom on Adventurers' Island, where he became a Stromling and was ultimately killed by Holly Vinyaya.


Databoard is an Alpha Team agent who is a great mechanic and known for his assuring sense of calmness. He has not been heard from since he went after corrupted agent Stealth.

Doctor Cyborg Edit

Skilled with technology, Doctor Cyborg defected from XERRD and joined Dino Attack Team.


Dragon was an Elite Agent until he went rogue and allied with Evil Ogel.


Minerva Fabello is young female agent whose motivation stems from avenging her brother's supposed death.


Fletcher was a highly-distinguished commander during the Adventurers' Island mission. He was gunned down and killed while fighting Stromling Agent Zachary.

French FriesEdit

French Fries is a dim-witted elite agent who is notable for making poor decisions and using his authority to force others to work for him. Although he has been formally discharged from the team, he is currently kept in Dino Attack Headquarters' detention block for safety reasons.

Garry MoffatEdit

Garry Moffat is a serious-minded ex-military Agent who has overseen various outposts.


Shannon Grimton is a leading technology expert with a degree in biomedical studies, as well as the only daughter of the late Alpha Team agent Gromit "Gromtin" Grimton.

Harrow Edit

Lieutenant Harrow is an agent who led a squad to investigate a nest of enhanced Mutant Dinos.

Hauk Edit

Hauk is an elite agent who recruited Snake into the team in exchange for his pardon.


Hertz's expertise is in telecommunications.

Hotwire Edit

Hotwire is skilled with electronics and engineering, known for his wits and sarcasm.

Kotua Edit

Kotua is an Alpha Team agent who is skilled in technology.

Larson Edit

Larson was recruited by Dino Attack Team for his reputed skills as a helicopter pilot.

Magma Edit

Magma is an Alpha Team agent who works with the Dino Attack Team. Although he dropped out of the team, he still assists the team while working with the Alpha Team.

Mercedes Edit

Rosalie Meredes is known for her calm and commanding aura. She notably helped organize several T-1 Typhoons to fly from Antarctica to come to the team's aid during the final battle.

Nails Edit

Wanda "Nails" Nielsen is reputed for being tough and disciplined in leading agents under her command.


Commander Pharisee is the self-righteous and powerful head of Dino Attack's department of internal affairs. His incredible strength and stature is complemented by his black-and-white sense of morality and almost-religious devotion to his mission.


Redshirt was a rising star who commanded squads during missions to LEGO Studios and LEGO Island. He was crushed and killed by the Brickspider Bot v1.0.

Reptile Edit

Reptile is a scientist who came to work for the team after Magma left.

Rex Edit

Rex was known for his idealistic views, preferring not to kill Mutant Dinos unless completely necessary, and for his very unique background. He sacrificed his life during the final battle.


Rotor is a somewhat trigger-happy Dino Attack agent. He is also a skilled pilot and used to work for Alpha Team.

Scales Edit

Scales was an Elite Agent who was demoted to Standard Agent after accidentally crashing a T-1 Typhoon into a Dino Attack Outpost. After Digger took command of the Dino Attack Team, Scales regained his Elite Agent status.

Semick Edit

A former Power Miner, Semick was a natural-born leader who commanded several teams of Dino Attack agents on missions across the LEGO Planet. Semick sacrificed himself to slow down Dr. Rex in the final battle.

Swerve Edit

Swerve was an Alpha Team agent who felt most comfortable off the ground. He was apparently killed in action early in the Dino Attack, but he was actually turned into an Ogel Drone named Septimus. He regained his identity shortly before the final battle and sacrificed himself to slow down Dr. Rex.

Voltage Edit

Voltage is a stealthy agent who, despite preferring to work alone, ended up becoming a leader who worked closely with fellow agents.

Zachary Virchaus Edit

Zachary Virchaus is a sharpshooter and skilled with building and technology. He was temporarily corrupted by the Maelstrom before eventually being cured by J.D.'s Creative Spark.

Zenna Edit

Zenna is a former Alpha Team agent, a talented pilot, and a skilled medic.

Zero Edit

Zero is a likable Dino Attack Agent who worked closely with Rex. He was formally discharged by Specs after a mental breakdown.

Standard Agents Edit

Standard Agents make up most of the Dino Attack Team. They are normal soldiers who are expected to follow orders of higher-ranking agents, and are limited to the Steel Sprinter, Urban Avenger, and Fire Hammer.

Alpha Edit

Alpha is a fast runner with great weapon management.

Angel EyesEdit

A former gunslinger from Gold City, Angel Eyes joined the team hoping to see some action. He is a member of the Third Headquarters Squad.


Anubis was an Egyptian idealist who believed that he was fated to die during the Dino Attack. He was killed by Dr. Rex during the final battle.

Anya Edit

Anya is a socially awkward but very intelligent woman.

Apollo Edit

Apollo is a mute agent who works on building traps.

Aravis Edit

Aravis is a telepathic member of GAIA Squad. She was killed by a Hybrid with a sniper rifle.

Artemis Edit

Artemis was a Dino Attack agent who was killed by Blaire Darkling after the final battle.

Ata Edit

Ata appeared to be a communications expert who joined the Dino Attack Team to do something significant that people would remember him for. He was actually a mole planted by XERRD to infiltrate Dino Attack Team before he was killed by Greybeard.

Attack Edit

Attack is a T-1 Typhoon gunner who makes for an efficient turret team with Defend. They both operated in Semick's T-1 Typhoon in the final battle.

B Edit

A Dino Attack agent of a mysterious background, B is a computer and vehicle expert.

Baldrick Edit

Baldrick is a strange dim-witted Dino Attack agent who is usually covered with dirt.

Batman Edit

Batman is a Dino Attack agent who prefers to go by the name of a famous comic book superhero. He once annoyed Walker by talking about his credit card.

Baudelaire Edit

Baudelaire is a natural inventor who has learned how to nonviolently escape trouble with the help of scavenged materials and teamwork with her siblings. Her sense of doing what's right, as well as being the oldest of her surviving family, led her to join Dino Attack.



Belle Edit

Belle is a French librarian who was drafted into the team. During the war, she developed skills as a sharpshooter.

Blaze Edit

Blaze is a rather pessimistic Dino Attack agent who participated on a mission to Vikings Isle.


A former citizen of Gold City, Blondie grew bored of life in the refugee facilities of Antarctica and decided to join the Dino Attack Team. He is a member of the Third Headquarters Squad.


A Futuron technician who was grounded when the Mutant Dinos destroyed most of the LEGO Planet's spaceports, Bluetooth has since given his talent to Dino Attack.

Buffy Edit

Buffy is a woman who is much stronger than she looks.

Butler Edit

Butler was a bald, hulking man who worked under Holly Vinyaya's command while they drove an Iron Predator in the final battle. He was killed by a group of Mutant Lizards.

Cam O'Cozy Edit

Cameron O'Cozy was an android programmed by Dr. Rex to infiltrate the Dino Attack Team and to create chaos among them under the guise of an extremist realist.

Carl LutskyEdit

Carl Lutsky became commander of an attack force on Adventurers' Island, but became corrupted and narcissistic as a result. This often came in conflict with his job security and he was soon discharged for his increasing aggression. Lutsky blames Dust for his actions.

Carver Edit

A weapon specialist, Carver is rather sadistic when it comes to fighting Mutant Lizards, and also a practical prankster.


An old friend of Dr. Cyborg, Johanna "Catless" Evergreen joined the Dino Attack team under her old nickname.


Ready to fight at any time, Charlie is a sharpshooter, electrician, and mechanic who joined the team after surviving the initial attack in a secret bunker.


Charon is an old friend of Dr. Cyborg who was obsessed with space.


Clark was a shy and somewhat socially awkward agent. He was mistaken for a Stromling and shot by Garry.


Amanda "Claw" Alexander joined Dino Attack Team to redeem herself of the crimes she committed as a result of her tragic past. She was killed by Michelle Glados in the final battle.

DA Agent Claymore


Claymore Edit

Claymore is GAIA Squad's scientist who specializes in heavy weaponry, close-quarters combat and cryptanalysis.

Connors Edit

Connors was once an ordinary civilian, but the experience of nearly being killed by a Mutant Dino has molded her into a determined soldier of the resistance.


Elizabeth "Contest" Cyrista was the younger sister of Dr. Cyborg, known for always entering contests. She was killed by an acid-spitting Mutant Lizard during the final battle.

Coral Edit

Coral was a pirate formerly known as Alpha Team agent Glacier, who joined the team as a provisionary agent. He died after his T-1 Typhoon crashed during the final battle.


A citizen of Sandy Bay, Crashdown joined the Dino Attack Team to reclaim his home and because he hates the cold of Antarctica. He is rather smart and witty, but sometimes annoying. He is a stealthy computer hacker who also makes great sandwiches.


A hunter from Australia, Crock is a member of the Mecha Squad.

Crystal Edit

Crystal is an old friend of Dr. Cyborg who fanatically followed the Crystalien Conflict. He joined Dino Attack Team with the others from that friend group and is stationed in Antarctica.

Dallas Edit

Dallas is a natural leader who is rumored to have masterminded a major heist prior to the Dino Attack.

Danny Edit

Danny Sweet is a famous radio talk show host who was drafted into the team. He is good friends with Lisa, having interviewed her on his show before the Dino Attack.

Darling Edit

Darling is a Dino Attack agent who reported to French Fries about the Dino Attack Team's performance on the battlefield.

David Norman Edit

An English professor from Cambridge University, David Norman was an Alpha Team agent before being transferred to the Dino Attack Team because of his scientific expertise.

Defend Edit

Defend is a T-1 Typhoon gunner who makes for an efficient turret team with Attack. They both operated in Semick's T-1 Typhoon in the final battle.


Demoman is an explosives expert and a member of the Third Headquarters Squad.

Dromus Edit

Dromus is known for communicating with animals and wielding a chain which she used as a whip.


Duke was a former Alpha Team agent and weapons expert, infamous for going berserk and trying to kill idealists. He is currently inactive and locked up in a high-security prison.


Cold towards both Mutant Dinos and the Dino Attack Team, Dust is not really a member of the team, but is only using the team as a way the reach the temple that he sees as his rightful inheritance.

Elfman Edit

Elfman is a quirky musician known for playing music during battle to motivate his teammates.


Engineer was a realist who was skilled with building sentry guns and other defenses. He was a member of the Second Headquarters Squad until he was killed by Ata.

Epsilon Edit

Epsilon is a master of long-range motion shooting.

Fate Edit

Fate is a great pilot, easily identifiable by his sideburns. He was killed by a Mutant T-Rex's laser vision while piloting the Renaissance during the battle for the Temple of Hotep III.


Fireball is a former soldier who was assigned to serve on the Dino Attack airship Iron Hammer.


Firecracker is a skilled demolitions expert known for his love for blowing stuff up. He is a member of the Third Headquarters Squad.

Flash Edit

Formerly known as the Minifig Hunter agent Midgard, Flash is an old friend of Shark who was convinced to join Dino Attack Team.

Flying Edit

An excellent inventor and pilot, Flying quit the RAF to join the Dino Attack Team, though he can act rather paranoid at times.



Francis Edit

Due to his gruff and unfriendly personality, Francis is said to have been a small-time crook before the Dino Attack, using his service on the team as a means of buying his freedom. He is not particularly bright and firmly believes that the Mutant Dinos are actually dragons.

Fredricksen Edit

Fredricksen is a grumpy old man who drove an Urban Avenger during the final battle.

Fullmetal Edit

Skilled at inventing and close-quarters combat, Fullmetal is an avid young Dino Attack Agent who has a deep hatred for Mutant Pterosaurs and two mechanical limbs. He is currently the leader of GAIA Squad.

Garret Edit

Garret was a Res-Q pilot and engineer, and a good friend of Kord. He was killed en route to a LEGO Studios mission.



Gaston Edit

A big game hunter hailing from France, Gaston is an excellent gunner. However, he is extremely boastful and tends to harass women, earning him the ire of other agents. He also hates losing battles, which is why he deserted the Dino Attack Team during the final battle.

George BrownEdit

George Brown is a skilled pilot. He briefly worked with Cam O'Cozy during the idealist-realist feud, but changed sides and helped to end the conflict.


Ghost is a Dino Attack agent who participated in the Adventurers' Island mission, working alongside Zachary and Minerva. He later became a Stromling Agent and was killed by Hotwire.

Giles Edit

Giles is a hermit-like man of indeterminable age with a penchant for knitting lethal scarves. He served as the Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher gunner of Tracer's Vindication during the final battle.

Glide Edit

Glide is friendly amongst the team, but intimidating towards dinosaurs.

Gonnerman Edit

Teddy Gonnerman was assigned by Carl Lutsky to watch over Dust. When Dust escaped and Gonnerman was sent to retrieve him, his methods were rather brutal. As a result, a T-Rex protecting Zach thought Gonnerman was a threat and killed him.

Greybeard Edit

Greybeard is a realist pirate who couldn’t stand being in Antarctica and so joined the team.

Grip Edit

Grip is a blue-hatted redhead who is good at operating computerized machinery. He is an Explorien astronaut and the twin brother of a LEGO Studios crewman.

Gunderson Edit

Gunderson is a loyal assistant to French Fries who carried out all of his orders.


Gunner is a young and trigger-happy member of the Mecha-Squad.

Gwen Edit

Gwen is a Dino Attack agent who drives a Steel Sprinter.

Gypsy Edit

Gypsy is a colleague of Joike who manned his Fire Hammer's Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher during the final battle.


Hacker is an agent with a skill for computer hacking, which earned him his nickname. He managed to hack into XERRD's mainframe and obtain important files.


Harmonica is a former gunslinger who provided assistance to the mission in Gold City.

Harris Edit

Harris is a former construction worker and a close friend of Spike.

Hawk Edit

Hawk is an expert pilot who worked closely with Databoard and Stealth.


Heavy was a muscular realist agent who loved nothing more than plowing through waves of Mutant Dinos with the largest handheld weapons. He was a member of the Second Headquarters Squad until he was killed by Ata.

Helm Edit

Bartholemew "Helmie" Helmutson, better known by his codename "Helm", is a barge pilot who was recruited into the Dino Attack Team after assisting with the Goo Caverns mission.

Henderson Edit

Henderson traveled with Garry and Palmer to the Maelstrom Temple.

Holly VinyayaEdit

Commander Holly Vinyaya is a member of Space Police who was sent to the LEGO Planet to deal with the Blacktron threat there, but ended up joining the Dino Attack Team to help defeat XERRD.

Hyrode Edit

Although cocky and overconfident from his skilled driving, Hyrode is a fiercely loyal agent.

Jeff Edit

Jeff was an agent who was assigned to a gun post aboard the Renaissance during the attack on the XERRD Fortress.

Joe HarryEdit

Joe Harry is a marksman who prefers to tranquilize Mutant Dinos rather than kill them, out of pity for their enslavement to Dr. Rex.



John Edit

John is a pilot and a close friend of Cobra.

Johnny Edit

Johnny is a Dino Attack agent who made the mistake of falling for Lisa's charms. His over-the-top reaction to her breaking his heart became infamous among his teammates, who use him as an example of why romance is a bad idea during the Dino Attack.

Joike Edit

A regular joe with decent technological and robotics expertise, who is notable among agents for having been stuck on a satellite janitor job for several years, with only bad movies and robot friends to help riff them to keep his sanity.

Jones Edit

Jones traveled with Garry and Palmer to the Maelstrom Temple.

Joseph Smith Edit

Joseph Smith is a doctor who worked closely with David Norman during the Adventurers' Island campaign.

Kai Edit

Kai is a loner but a very precise shooter.

DA Agent Katana


Katana Edit

Katana is GAIA Squad's forensic specialist and resident cryptanalyst who specializes in hacking, tracing, and ranged combat.

Keith Empson Edit

Keith Empson joined the Dino Attack Team to protect his family in Antarctica. He was killed by rogue agent Oswald Fabello.


Rookie's more respectable brother, Knuckles is a skilled boxer.

Kord Edit

Kord was a former military pilot and an archaeologist who specialized in Egyptian artifacts. He was killed en route to a LEGO Studios mission.

Kurt MacReadyEdit

A socially awkward man and an alcoholic, Mac is nonetheless a good pilot whose skill were useful in Antarctica and still manage to help the team.


Kuru is a devious agent skilled at spying and hacking.

Lance WilliamsEdit

Lance Williams is a former surfer who became a Dino Attack agent.

Laxus Edit

Laxus is a Martian engineer and veteran of the Crystalien Conflict. He is good friends with Andrew.

Len Edit

Len is a Dino Attack agent who drives a Steel Sprinter.

Lisa Edit

Lisa is a flirtatious actress who was drafted into the team.

Loki Edit

Loki was a Dino Attack agent who was killed by Blaire Darkling after the final battle.



Louis "Dryptosaurus"Edit

An agreeable extrovert who was frequently looking for a girlfriend, Louis earned his nickname from jumping into other peoples' businesses. He was easily angered and did not like others commenting on his youth. Although Louis was only 17 years old, he lied about his age to join the team, hoping to lend his skills of science, firearms, and paleontology to the Dino Attack cause. He was killed by a Mutant T-Rex.

Lovhaug Edit

Lovhaug is a singer who dreams of touring the galaxy in his own spaceship. He uses a unique kind of laser pistol enhanced by Nexo Knight magic and likes to prove his minifighood by punching things in the gut. He also likes comics and classic 80s merchandise-driven kids shows.

Lucky Edit

Lucky is a great pilot, easily identifiable by his handlebar mustache. He was eaten by a Mutant T-Rex after the Renaissance crashed during the battle for the Temple of Hotep III.

MacFly Edit

Descended from a famous gunslinger of Gold City, MacFly prefers to use heavy-caliber weapons.

Manga Edit

Manga was a soldier stationed at the Dino Attack Outpost in Astor City. He was killed during the battle against the Anti-Dino Machine.


A former citizen of Gold City, Maria was assigned to work undercover observing the re-settlement of the region as well as to provide assistance to the team's operations within Gold City. She is a member of the Third Headquarters Squad.

Maynard Edit

Robert Maynard is a former lieutenant of the Imperial Guard who joined Dino Attack Team as a sniper.


Medic was both a Dino Attack agent and a paramedic, able to treat agents in the battlefield. He was a member of the Second Headquarters Squad until he was killed by Ata.

Mercury Edit

Mercury was a Dino Attack agent who was killed by Blaire Darkling after the final battle.


Pharisee's associate, Montgonel is a more professional-minded man in comparison to his commander. He was critically wounded following a shootout against Trigger.


Commander Morrison is a Dino Attack agent who oversaw the search for Blaire Darkling after Dr. Rex's defeat.




A leader-type agent who studied the possibility of portal technology in his spare time. He lost his arm on Adventurers' island and was killed at the battle of the Temple of Hotep III. He was in charge of a small Adventurers' Island fleet.


Colonel Mustang is a skilled swordsman and the commanding officer of an outpost in the vicinity of Mt. Bricklake. He strongly believed that GAIA Squad's members were traitors due to their mutant allies.

Nazareno Edit

Kareem Nazareno was a former space ninja who was skilled with technology. He was killed by Blaire Darkling during the final battle.

Necrosa Edit

A Dino Attack agent stationed at the team's outpost in Mt. Bricklake. He was killed and impersonated by his twin brother, Dr. Nekrosis.

Nevalainen Edit

Nevalainen was a Finnish agent and a close friend of Vuorinen. He was killed in combat against Blaire Darkling.

Nick Lightning Edit

Nick Lightning uses his skill of vehicles and weapons to avenge his destroyed home.

Nordic Edit

Nordic is a vehicle and weapons designer who was stationed at the Dino Attack Outpost in Astor City.


Norris was a Geologist serving in the Dino Attack Team before he was infected by the Maelstrom.


Andrea Jackson Orange is a survivor who was recruited after being found in a makeshift bunker. She disguised herself as agent Pyro and has joined Third Headquarters Squad.


Olzon was a Dino Attack agent who was teammates with Vuorinen and Nevalainen. She was killed in an ambush by Blaire Darkling.




Palmer was a skilled mechanic and also a rookie pilot who volunteered to help Garry get to the Maelstrom temple. He later turned out to be a Stromling in disguise and was killed by Trigger.

Parr Edit

Parr is a red-haired woman and an Urban Avenger driver who participated in the final battle.

Peter Edit

Peter was an agent who was assigned to a gun post aboard the Renaissance during the attack on the XERRD Fortress.

Plastic Serpent Edit

Formerly codenamed "Snake", Plastic Serpent changed his codename after getting into brawl with another agent Snake.

Pointman Edit

Despite his standard agent status, Pointman was allowed to pilot a T-1 Typhoon during the final battle. He was killed by Dr. Rex in the final battle.

Prichard Edit

Prichard is a Dino Attack agent who participated in the attack on XERRD Fortress.

Ptero Edit

Ptero is a GAIA Squad grenadier who secretly has dragon wings due to genetic mutation.


Pyro is an agent whose weapon of choice is a flamethrower, and known for constantly mumbling incomprehensible dialogue. He is a member of the Third Headquarters Squad.

Python Edit

Python is a military officer who rose in the ranks of the British army above a ridiculous cast of characters and campy squads. He has little tolerance for silly nonsense that seem like they belong in science-fiction comedies, driving him to resign from Dino Attack following the LEGO Island operation.



Raider Edit

Raider was an agent who lives for the thrill of fighting the Mutant Dinos. It was not uncommon for him to exaggerate some of his experiences. He was killed during the Mutant Dino attack on the Dino Attack Team's camp on Adventurers' Island.

Randal Edit

Randal was an Urban Avenger driver who participated in the final battle. He was disintegrated by Paulie Gonepus's Maelaser.

Raptor Edit

Raptor was a weapons expert and a dragon rider. He was thought to have died in Antarctica, but actually defected and became an ally of XERRD under the new name of "Enox Phorm", and is since deceased.

Read Edit

Read was a Dino Attack agent who was known for asking dumb questions. He was killed by a Stromling Scientist.

Reggie Edit

Reggie is a dark-haired man who served as the Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher gunner for Zach and Minerva's Fire Hammer during the final battle. He was killed by Oswald Fabello.

Rev Raptor Edit

Rev Raptor was a young agent trained for speed and accuracy. He succumbed to his wounds and died after defeating his father, Jecht "Landro" Raptor.

Rip Edit

Rip is a medic and weapons tester who lost his family in the war.



Rockford Edit

A former lawyer who jumped between defense and prosecution, depending whether or not he was working with police investigators, Rockford had picked up some weaponry and commanding skills that he felt that Dino Attack could use.

Roger Remous Edit

Roger Remous was a famous geologist and paleontologist, as well as the brother of Amanda "Claw". He was kidnapped by Finister and tortured to death when he refused to give up any information.

Rookie Edit

Once a small-time criminal, Rookie reformed himself with the help of B and Crooks and joined the team.

Sabre Edit

Sabre is one of Fullmetal's teammates who once proposed a theory that Mutant Lizards are mutated Compsognathus.

Scope Edit

Scope is a cold Dino Attack Agent, formerly a sniper in the LEGOLAND army.


Scott is a journalist who is currently delivering a report on the final battle.


A former associate of Sam Sinister, the heavily-scarred Logan Zekria planned to put all dinosaurs to extinction. He was shot and killed while fighting Zachary.

Sereve Edit

Although slightly crazy, Sereve was an efficient sharpshooter and a loyal companion. He was killed in the battle against Landro.

Shacklebolt Edit

Shacklebolt was a large, broad-shouldered man who worked under Holly Vinyaya's command and manned an Iron Predator's Cryothermic Cannon. He was killed by a Mutant T-Rex.

Shark Edit

An Alpha Team weapons expert, Shark was temporarily assigned to Dino Attack Team along with Magma and Sting.


A realist agent who was a firm supporter of Specs, but not always one to think through things. He was discharged by Specs for destroying some of the Green Goo supply during Digger's uprising, but allowed to fight alongside the team during the final battle.

Shiller Edit

Shiller is a pragmatist who is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of smaller handheld weapons.


Talia "Shock" Kaahs joined the Dino Attack Team to fight alongside General and to get revenge on Dr. Rex.


Barry Jackson is a skilled sniper who was in the LEGOLAND army before joining Dino Attack Team under the codename of "Sniper", but had to change it when he learned that it had been taken.

Silver Edit

Silver is a researcher who sought to discover the Mutant Dinos' origins.

Slash Edit

A sniper and a swordsman, Slash wishes to avenge the destruction of LEGO Island. He formerly went by the codename "Blade".


Snake is a hardened ex-criminal who joined the team in exchange for a pardon on all his past actions. He deserted the Dino Attack Team during the final battle.

Snake of Spades Edit

Snake of Spades is emotionally driven to wipe out the Mutant Dinos, and he is an expert driver and computer hacker.


Hailing from Australia, Sniper was a deadly sharpshooter. He was a member of the Second Headquarters Squad until he was killed by Ata.


Before joining Dino Attack, Ronald E. Army was a typical military sergeant who always spoke in a loud, shouting, insulting manner. He was the self-proclaimed leader of the Second Headquarters Squad until he was killed by Ata.


On Hotwire's first mission, Spectrum was an obnoxious member of his squad. Spectrum later used a T-1 Typhoon that would become the Talon, a flight during which he was killed by Mutant Pterosaurs.

Spike Edit

Spike is a vampire who joined Dino Attack Team after a wizard supposedly gave him a Creative Spark.

Spino Edit

Spino was a seven-foot-tall agent and the brother of Aravis. He was incredibly strong, tall, and fast. He was killed by a five-megaton bomb he set off to assist his team and other DA agents to escape a Hybrid attack.

Spy Edit

Spy was a realist Dino Attack agent who dresses in a nice suit and wears a ninja mask. He was a member of the Second Headquarters Squad until he was killed by Soldier.


Stealth is a stealthy agent who was corrupted by Mutant Dino mutation. Databoard went after her, with no confirmation of either of their statuses.

Sting Edit

One of Alpha Team's greatest pilots, Sting was temporarily assigned to Dino Attack Team along with Magma and Shark.



Stranger Edit

Stranger is an agent who prefers to handle beasts all by himself, no matter the type. His superiors often have trouble controlling him.

Sucker Edit

Sucker is a good marksman and is fairly good with computers.

Sullivan Edit

Sullivan is a large man with well-kept blue hair who drives an Urban Avenger. He perished during the final battle.

Tail Edit

Tail is another Alpha Team agent who was assigned to assist Reptile.

Talon Edit

Sarah "Talon" O'Neal was Hotwire's sister, who was killed by a Mutant Lizard during their first mission together.


A strong Dino Attack agent known for his deep voice, Tank is the leader of the Mecha Squad.

Tesh Carrey Edit

A former member of a Japan/America Military Operation, Tesh Carrey is a determined individual who is skilled with sword-fighting and engineering. He is sarcastic and frequently cracks jokes at someone else's expense.

Titan Edit

Titan isn't one of the kindest agents around, but his record of Mutant Dino kills prove his value.

Tren Edit

Tren is a Dino Attack agent who drives a Steel Sprinter.

Trigger Edit

Trigger was a cold and practical mercenary who was hired by the Dino Attack Team due to his driving and shooting skills. He was shot and killed by Dino Attack's internal affairs department during the final battle for deserting the Dino Attack Team and attempting to use Carrie Enderson as a hostage.

Turahk-Kal Edit

Turahk-Kal is a solo demolition expert.

Verrat Edit

Oswald Fabello, codenamed "Verrat", is Minerva's brother. After being captured by the Brickspider Bot, he defected from Dino Attack, joined XERRD, and was killed during the final battle.

Vuorinen Edit

Vuorinen is a Finnish agent and a close friend of Nevalainen. Although he was defeated in combat against Blaire Darkling, he was allowed to live to warn the other search parties to retreat.

Walker Edit

Walker is a film director who was drafted into the team. He has a caustic personality and a short temper. He prefers fighting Mutant Dinos with his trusty pistol rather than Dino Attack technology.


A member of the Mecha Squad, Waxer throws slippery slime in Mutant Dinos' paths to slow them down.

Web Edit

Web is an Alpha Team agent assigned to the Dino Attack Team. He was killed on a mission to Castle Cove.

West Edit

West was a Dino Attack agent who participated in the attack on the XERRD Fortress. He was crippled by a Stromling who stabbed him in the leg, then fell victim to the poisonous gases of the fortress.

Wilkes Edit

Wilkes traveled with Garry and Palmer to the Maelstrom Temple.



Williams Edit

Williams is a musician who was drafted into Dino Attack Team. He has an idealist outlook on life and has a tendency to play music during battle.

Willow Edit

Willow is a witch who joined Dino Attack Team who only uses magic when she needs it.

Windows Edit

Windows is a professional radio operator.

Wing Edit

Kat, also known as Wing, is an enhanced synthetic Minifig created by ShadowTech. She was a Dino Attack agent for only a very brief period of time before she resigned.


Wrench is a young agent who is skilled with electronics and able to reconnect the circuits of a damaged Cam O'Cozy to retrieve memory information.


Wright is a pragmatic and highly principled young woman who is skilled with hand-to-hand combat.



Wyldstyle Edit

Wyldstyle is an athletic and rebellious master builder with dreams of movie stardom.

X Edit

Agent X is extremely good at firing at targets, but gets agitated easily.


X1 is an UlTech Infiltrator who is the older sister of X2 and serves as a Standard Dino Attack Agent.


X2 is an UlTech Infiltrator who is the younger brother of X1 and serves as a Standard Dino Attack Agent, although he worked with Internal Affairs at one point.


Zelda Frodongan is a young Dino Attack Agent who served on Adventurers' Island. She was corrupted by the Maelstrom and became one of the Maelstrom's spies in the Dino Attack Team, although she was cured by Tracer's Creative Spark.


Much like Elfman and Williams, Zimmer is best known for playing motivational music during battle.

Zonic Edit

Known for his twisted sense of humor, Zonic has excellent rocket launcher aim.

Zorikk Edit

Zorikk is a weapons expert and a close friend of Zyra.

Zyra Edit

Zyra has high intelligence and stamina, and works well with David.

Zzerz Edit

Zzerz is a veteran agent of the Dino Attack Team who mostly operated in the Goo Caverns.

Rookie Agents Edit

Rookie Agents are agents that were just recently drafted into the team, or else have received penalties for breaking Dino Attack rules. They are only entrusted to the Steel Sprinter, and do not have much power in the team.

393 Edit

Agent 393 is a mysterious Dino Attack agent who uses camouflage to hide himself from Mutant Dinos. His secretive nature may stem from the fact that he lied about his age in order to join the team. 393 disappeared after encountering a Mutant T-Rex on Adventurers' Island.

Alex Tage Edit

A weapon designer and a crazy driver, Alex Tage was 17 years old but lied about his age to get into the team. He works with Jet and Dyno, and he is the warforce of their squad.

Algernon Edit

An expert pilot, Algernon is a surly and snappy individual who hates the Mutant Dinos. Although he claims he dropped out of the team, rumor is that Specs formally discharged Algernon, which may be related to the fact that Algernon lied about his age to join the team.

Alpha Mantax Edit

A quiet individual, Alpha Mantax wishes to avenge his family by stopping the Mutant Dinos. He is quick and has great aim.

Ammo Edit

Ammo is skilled with a variety of weapons. He is almost always cheerful and upbeat, although he sees himself as a follower rather than a leader.

Blade Edit

Blade is a technology expert who is skilled at trapping dinosaurs. Even in the face of danger, he remains calm and collected.

Blazer Edit

Blazer is known for his deadly aim with the Xenon Multi-Launcher. Although Blazer is only 17 years old, he lied about his age to join the team. However, he disappeared after encountering a Mutant T-Rex on Enchanted Island.

Canama Edit

Canama is an intelligent technology expert who only kills Mutant Dinos when necessary, preferring to capture and tame them instead. He disappeared after encountering a Mutant T-Rex.

Chupacabra Edit

Chupacabra, called "Chupa" for short, is a stealthy trapper and a strong dinosaur wrangler, remaining silent and anger when dinosaurs are near. Despite being described as a slick and cool friend, Chupacabra reportedly turned against Dino Attack Team for unknown reasons.

Clark Deadworth Edit

A former ninja, Clark Deadworth is stealthy and skilled with any weapon. He is smart and a quick thinker who is only held back by his arrogance.


Condr was a Dino Attack trainee who was killed by a mother Mutant T-Rex outside Dino Attack Headquarters early in the war.

Cookieo Edit

Cookieo aspires to be just like his older brother, Canama. At only 17 years old, he had to lie about his age to get into the team. However, he disappeared while providing back-up for his brother.

Dark Wolf Edit

Keeping to himself, Dark Wolf has excellent aim with weapons.

Doctor MartinetEdit

Doctor Marco Martinet is an athletic combat medic who officially joined the Dino Attack Team on the eve of the final battle.

Dude Edit

A lazy bowling enthusiast, Dude was quickly rejected from the team and kept in Antarctica because they thought his desired codename was stupid.

Dyno Edit

Dyno is a Dino Attack agent who works together with Alex Tage and Jet.

Eskay Edit

Possessing great foot-eye coordination and a knack for firearms, Eskay's quick temper frequently gets him into trouble.

Evan Gildow Edit

Lying about his age in order to join the team, Evan Gildow is one of the youngest Dino Attack Agents and operates in LEGO City in squad missions.

Farrar Edit

Possessing unnatural hand-eye coordination, Farrar is feared for his volatile nature and thirst for chaos, often putting his teammates in danger as a result. Despite this, he is a good person deep down.


An agile sharpshooter, Fox is a scientist who experiments with the Mutant Dino serum.

Gargan Edit

Gargan is an Asian sword fighter who wears samurai armor over his Dino Attack uniform and remains calm and collected in any situation. He was eventually formally discharged by Specs for confidential reasons.

Gojira Edit

Well-educated about dinosaurs, Gojira has a short temper but doesn't make hasty decisions. Although Gojira is only 17 years old, he lied about his age to join the team. He dropped out after an encounter with ShadowTech.

GoldEagle Edit

Strong and intelligent, GoldEagle is skilled with computers and building. He was last seen approached by several Mutant Lizards shortly after he joined the team.

Hammer Edit



A loner with a short temper, Hammer is an orphan who never knew his parents. He is a skilled planner and can lift heavy weights.

Hunter Edit

GAIA Squad's newest member, Hunter specializes in stealth, close-quarters combat, and marksmanship.

Hunter Ultimate Edit

A great offense and defense, Hunter Ultimate is friendly and smart. He disappeared after meeting a Mutant Raptor.

Hunter 2000 Edit

Known for his short temper and a distinctive Australian accent, Hunter 2000 is a predator who can single-handedly take down a Mutant Raptor.

Isaac Craft Edit

Isaac Craft is an antisocial sword-wielding agent whose only goal is to defeat the Mutant Dinos. He dropped out after having moral debates about a Mutant Raptor nest.

Jack Khonns Edit

A weapons expert and great marksman, Jack Khonns became a self-taught master dinosaur hunter and tracker after being trapped in an overrun town for two months. He knows how the dinosaur mind works, and he envies Mutant Raptors for their cunning. He disappeared after a Mutant T-Rex destroyed his Urban Avenger.

Jack O'Neill Edit

Colonel Jack O'Neill proved himself to be an exceptional and gifted airman. Assigned to a special training program for covert operations and infiltration, he was trained in the skills of wilderness survival, special weapons and tactics, assassination, demolition, chemical weapons, the manufacture and detonation of explosives, and is a field expedience specialist. He is also known for his sarcasm.

Jacob Coruhn Edit

A fierce and loyal Dino Attack agent, Jacob Coruhn enjoys the thrill of killing Mutant Dinos. He is skilled at combat, marksmanship, and driving.

James Beatles Edit

Despite his lack of courage and his temperamental personality, "Jimmy" Beatles tries to do the right thing, which led him to join the team. Although Jimmy is only 17 years old, he lied about his age to join the team.

James McGregorEdit

James McGregor is a young agent who worked with Kate Bishop during the Adventurers' Island campaign.

Jax Edit

Jax is quirky and fun-loving, but very solemn during battle. He is a fairly good gunslinger with martial arts training, but not very good at mathematics. Although Jax is only 17 years old, he lied about his age to join the team.

Jet Edit

Jet is a Dino Attack agent who works together with Alex Tage and Dyno.

Jordan Edit

A demolitions expert with a need for speed, Jordan was injured by Mutant Dinos when the Dino Attack began and seeks revenge. Although Jordan is only 17 years old, he lied about his age to join the team. He disappeared after being attacked by Mutant Lizards.

Kara WiseEdit

Kara Wise is a pilot from UlTech that also is an agent.


Incredibly intelligent, Kartyl is a cheerful and helpful assistant to his teammates. Although he has a great aim with a gun and is able to remain calm in dangerous situations, he does not spend much time on the battlefield, instead working in a Dino Attack lab in LEGO City.

Kate BishopEdit

Kate Bishop is a talented female agent stationed on Adventurers' Island.

Keys Edit

Keys is a progeny who has already attended and graduated college despite his young age. He can speak the Mutant Dino language as a result of a lab accident, and likes to care for Rex's tamed dinosaurs.

Lion Edit

An Alpha Team veteran of Mission Deep Freeze, Lion was a serious mechanic who could not stand tomfoolery. On his first mission, he disappeared after meeting two Mutant Lizards.


A former mailman whose codename was inspired by a time when he had been struck by lightning on the job, presumably harming his brain. He was actually a Stromling in disguise.


Raised on Vikings Isle, Marco is a realist and is skilled with wilderness survival.

Mathias Edit

A quiet yet headstrong agent, Mathias works in the field of mechanical design and repair. He dropped out early in the Dino Attack.

Nui Edit

A stealthy former Alpha Team agent, Nui is very secretive and tends to work alone. He disappeared shortly after joining, and was last seen attacked by a Mutant Raptor on LEGO Island.


Peter Walter

Peter Walter Edit

Raised by Eskimos to survive in the wilderness, Peter Walter is not skilled with technology but is a strong fighter and quick builder. He is calm and speaks only when necessary, although he holds strong hatred for the Mutant Dinos and seeks to find the man who murdered his parents.

Pickles Edit

Pickles is a technology-loving agent who is smart and a good driver. Although Pickles is only 17 years old, he lied about his age to join the team. He disappeared after encountering his first Mutant Dino, due to being unarmed.

Pilot Edit

A quiet and rather ambitious loner, Pilot uses his own upgraded Steel Sprinter. He is best at fighting with his hands or his sword, which is the only thing he trusts.


Pyle was an unfortunate rookie who went mad after his drill sergeant found a jelly doughnut in his footlocker.

Raptor Dude Edit

Raptor Dude is a Dino Attack agent who provided backup to Alpha Mantax and Zap during a fight against Mutant Dinos.


Scout was a young rookie who was a skilled runner and athlete. He was a member of the Second Headquarters Squad until he was killed by Ata.

Shane Edit

A skilled sharpshooter, Shane wishes to avenge his family. Despite being a selfish and cruel outsider with a short temper, he will help fallen teammates.

Shona Edit

Shona is Snake of Spades' sister and a close friend of Voltage.

Slasher Edit

Slasher is a fast runner and a mentally-sharp individual.

Spark Edit

Jake "Spark" Hunter is a builder and driver who loves to tinker with things, leading him to modify his Urban Avenger to make it faster. He loves action and is sarcastic and reckless.

Thomas Craft Edit

Thomas Craft is a skilled tactician and explosives expert. He is very kind and helpful, who spent much time studying dinosaurs to be ready to join the team. His greatest concern is the safety of the natural dinosaurs.


Tracer was a young realist agent who helped Hotwire escape from Cam O'Cozy's supporters. He was killed by Zelda while she was a Stromling, but used his Creative Spark to cure Zelda's corruption.

Venom Edit

Venom is a mysterious agent skilled at hacking computers.

Vex Edit

Vex is a computer expert who, despite being quiet and shy, likes to be around others. Although Vex is only 17 years old, he lied about his age to join the team. However, he never returned from his first mission to defeat three Mutant Raptors.

VM Edit

VM calmly and fearlessly fights to protect his home city of LEGO City, motivated by his tragic memories of his friends and family. He is skilled at driving, aiming, and computers. VM is best-known for aiding in the battle at the Dino Attack Outpost, although he disappeared early in the battle.

Zap Edit

Zap is a hotheaded fighter with training in martial arts and heavy gunning.


Zealot is a female agent who assisted GAIA Squad in the Battle for Mountain Bricklake while using a customized blue and white Urban Avenger.

Trivia Edit

  • Some members of Dino Attack RPG have accidentally named their character the same name given to another character. In this list, the more recent character is given the original name, while older characters who have fallen out of use have a segment of their player's username integrated into their name. These renamed agents are Alpha Mantax, Hunter 2000, Raptor Dude, Hunter Ultimate, and Snake of Spades.

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