"Why did you guys come back? You nearly got yourselves killed!"
"I promised I would never leave you, and I don't intend to break my promise."
Rex and Amanda
Standard Agent Claw
Name Amanda Alexander
Age 26
Skills Knife combat, sharpshooting
Organization Dino Attack Team
Creator PeabodySam

Amanda Alexander (née Remous), known by her codename Claw, was a quiet Dino Attack agent and wife of Rex Alexander. She was formerly an infamous bounty hunter, mercenary, and assassin codenamed Silencia Venomosa.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Amanda Remous and her older brother Roger Remous grew up together in LEGO Town in a wealthy, happy family. However, Amanda and Roger were kidnapped by a crime boss named Don Bricassius, who tortured them. Amanda, lacking the willpower to remain silent, told him how to get their fortune. As a result, Bricassius managed to get inside their mansion, kill their butler, and steal their family fortune. When Amanda's parents arrived to stop him, Amanda cried out to them, distracting them long enough for Bricassius to kill them both. That night, Amanda and Roger lost everything except for one another. She vowed never to speak again as a result.

As a result of her vow of silence, which Roger respectfully did not intervene, Amanda had to learn other ways of communications. She initially wrote most of her feelings down, but found that this was too difficult to keep up. She learned sign language and even Morse code, but neither of these truly appealed to her. Amanda found that she preferred communicating through her expressions and body language, but unfortunately Roger was the only one who could truly understand her like this.

Silencia VenomosaEdit


Silencia Venomosa

Due to her childhood trauma, Amanda Remous turned to a darker life of crime as she grew older. Roger disapproved of her choices, but after they got into an intense argument when she successfully robbed a bank, the two siblings fell out with one another, leaving no one to watch over Amanda and monitor her choices.

Her bank robbery caught the attention of some people who wished to use her skills to do various jobs. At first, her jobs were mostly bounty hunting, which eventually evolved into assassinations, which nearly escalated into acts of terrorism. Adopting the alias "Silencia Venomosa", Amanda had become an infamous mercenary and a feared assassin by age eighteen.

The only person Silencia Venomosa ever truly trusted during this time was Bartholomew Enderson, who inadvertently became her secret-keeper when her clients started using him as means to get in contact with her. To a lesser extent, she also occasionally relied on a group of expert programmers and hackers known as the Codebreakers, who created software for her to use in the field. When interacting with the Codebreakers, Venomosa used the username "CLAW" in lieu of her usual alias.

One of Silencia Venomosa's jobs was an assignment by Edward Korrupte, CEO of Dacta Corporation, to infiltrate Mindstorms, Inc. and find out information on Project NXT. During this mission, Venomosa learned that Uærlig Sindstorme had hired a team of mercenaries to perform a heist on Dacta. She joined their group and informed Korrupte of their activities. Although the job started as a mere infiltration, Korrupte eventually gave her permission to kill the mercenaries and assassinate Uærlig Sindstorme. One by one, Silencia Venomosa hunted down and killed each mercenary before the heist was completed, and the only survivors were Schiess and his partner Montoya, whom she mistakenly believed to be dead following a car collision. She proceeded to assassinate Uærlig Sindstorme, using the Codebreakers' software to turn Project NXT against the president of Mindstorms, Inc. in the process.

Later, Silencia Venomosa was hired by Walter Breen to assassinate Edward Korrupte. Although the CEO of Dacta Corporation was escorted by police at the time, she completed the job in what would become one of her most infamous assassinations of all time, ranking alongside her murder of a mob boss known as the Brickfather.

Silencia Venomosa's infamous reputation grew as her name appeared in Daily Brick headlines, yet she always evaded capture by the authorities. This was more than enough to garner the attention of Don Bricassius himself. In January 2008, the crime boss invited Venomosa over to his mansion to discuss possibilities for a partnership. There, Venomosa drugged Bricassius, rendering him fully conscious yet completely immobile. Showing him an old photograph of the Remous family, Venomosa revealed her true identity to Bricassius, then killed him.

Later in 2008, Silencia Venomosa received an assignment from Howard Simmons, CEO of Lens Pioneers, who revealed the existence of alternate universes and the ANTI project. She was sent into the Antiverse to bring back Troy DeWitt and cover their tracks by assassinating the Antiverse counterparts of anyone involved with the ANTI project, including Anti-Silencia Venomosa. However, Venomosa discovered that Anti-Amanda Remous had never become Silencia Venomosa and was instead living a happy life as a Harvard University student and hard-working volunteer. Venomosa broke into Anti-Amanda's home and tried to murder her, but was unable to bring herself to finish the job. Police and SWAT arrived on the scene, and Anti-Amanda was accidentally killed by a SWAT officer who mistook her for Venomosa.

After the death of Anti-Amanda Remous, Silencia Venomosa was able to complete the rest of the assignment without any further complications. With the help of the Antiverse's Codebreakers, she tracked down Troy DeWitt, who was hiding in Mexico under the alias "Kiff Comstock", and brought him back to the primary universe. When DeWitt revealed that he had told Anti-Kotua about the ANTI project, Howard Simmons offered to hire Venomosa to eliminate the Antiverse's Alpha Team, but she refused the job and walked out on him.

In early 2010, Silencia Venomosa received an assignment to hunt down Roger Remous, who had become a famous geologist and paleontologist. Although she found her brother, she expressed reluctance to kill him. Roger explained to Venomosa that he was the one who sent her the assignment, since it was a risky but sure way to find her. He revealed that he intended to intervene the path of life she had chosen.

Although Roger was initially unsuccessful, Silencia Venomosa eventually felt regret for the life she had chosen for herself. Striving to redeem herself of her shameful actions, Amanda finally settled down, sharing a house with Roger's family. However, she felt no regret at all for the killing of Don Bricassius.

Dino Attack Edit


Amanda Remous as agent Claw

Amanda's attempt at restoring a normal way of life was short-lived. The Dino Attack began, and the entire neighborhood was flattened by Mutant Dinosaurs. Only Amanda and Roger escaped alive; Roger's family did not survive the attack.

Seeing the Dino Attack as opportunity to redeem herself, Amanda joined the Dino Attack Team at the same time as her brother. While Roger signed up under their surname, Amanda signed up as "Claw". She initially considered the codename "Venom", but decided against it because it was too similar to "Venomosa" and was already used by another Dino Attack agent.

Roger and Amanda Remous joined Dino Attack Team just in time to witness Kotua destroying Dino Attack Headquarters. Later, they encountered Chaos, who had just transformed into its Perfect Chaos form. Luckily, they were able to escape with a timely distraction by Databoard and the Saber.

Upon arriving at the former site of Dino Attack Headquarters, Claw and Roger Remous were surprised to find a mysterious new building in place of the old military headquarters. Outside, they met Rex, Zero, and Phantom. Finister arrived with a Holographic Robotic Dino Bomb. Amanda, Rex, and Roger worked together to fight off the H.R.D.B., but when Finister attempted to flee, Remous left in pursuit. Amanda was disturbed to later see Finister standing alone, realizing that something had happened to her brother.

Once inside, they learned that the mysterious building was a new Dino Attack Headquarters built by Brick League United. Claw was promised by Rex and Specs that a search and rescue team had been sent after Remous, but she was ordered to stay at the base for her own safety. She disobeyed this order, leaving headquarters to follow Rex and Phantom while searching LEGO City for her brother. Although she was unsuccessful in her search, she was able to save Rex's life when Phantom tried to murder him. They were both rescued by The Phantom, who killed Phantom.

Amanda was later informed that Roger was sent on a secret mission across the LEGO Planet. She was unaware that this was a lie, fabricated in an attempt to keep her mentally and emotionally stable.

Mutation Edit


Amanda's mutation.

Later, while passing near a wrecked Police Station, Amanda was ambushed by Evil Ogel, General Evil, and Fogel. Instead of simply killing her, Fogel decided to inject her with Mutant Dino Serum as a cruel joke. Surrounded, Amanda was unable to fend them off, and was injected. Only a few seconds later, she burst out of her Dino Attack uniform, transformed into a Mutant T-Rex.

Realizing the potential danger she could be in, since the Dino Attack Team was trained to exterminate Mutant Dinos, Amanda fled the scene before Dino Attack agents could arrive, leaving behind her torn uniform. Keeping herself hidden, she watched as Specs informed Rex that Amanda was dead (which was the evidence provided by the torn uniform). She also used her heightened Mutant Dino senses to learn Rex's scent.

Eventually, she found another Mutant T-Rex accompanied by Rex's tamed Mutant Lizard, whom Amanda recognized as Trouble. Amanda realized that the T-Rex carried Rex's scent and spoke with Rex's voice. Thinking that Rex too was ambushed and mutated by the villains, she tried to express herself to the Mutant T-Rex. The Mutant T-Rex turned her down, not recognizing her. Only when Amanda brought the T-Rex to the police station and showed him the shattered vial of Mutant Dino DNA did the T-Rex recognize her, confirming the T-Rex to be Rex.

The two Mutant T-Rexes found The Phantom, PBB, Little Bot, and Chompy. Amanda found herself a little annoyed when Rex lied to them, claiming that Rex was dead and he was actually "Maw". They camped together and fell asleep.

When Amanda and the others woke up, they were in a secure chamber of Villains Headquarters. There, while the present-day villains watched, the FUTURE villains revealed themselves to the team. In return, The Phantom revealed his true identity to be Frozeen. FUTURE then engaged Amanda and the others in combat. Amanda and Rex worked together to quickly knock Fladek unconscious. Then, they aided PBB by demolishing the Frickster's army of Brickster-Bots, then knocked him unconscious as well. Amanda and Rex assisted Frozeen by pinning Fogel in place while Frozeen could knock him unconscious. Amanda, Rex, and Frozeen then knocked out the last of the FUTURE villains, Finister.

After finding a way out of the chamber, they brought the unconscious FUTURE villains to their time machine. Frozeen quickly installed a Panrahk XP explosive into the machine, and sent the machine back to the future with the villains and the explosive inside. However, the present-day villains followed, and Sam Sinister fired a tranquilizer at Amanda, Rex, and Chompy.

Amanda awoke in a cage, along with Rex, Frozeen, and Chompy. Little Bot was brought to a nearby Torture Room, and Evil Ogel, General Evil, and Sam Sinister showed them a television screen receiving footage from a camera set up just outside Villains Headquarters. Through the television screen, Amanda watched as the Brickster and Vladek chained down PBB and blew him up. Angered, Little Bot broke out of the Torture Room and revealed his true identity to everyone: Libo, leader of the defunct L.A. Organization that preceded the Alpha Team. The Brickster, Vladek, and Sam Sinister ran away, but Libo managed to contain Ogel and General Evil inside an energy sphere. He freed Amanda and the others, who left Villains Headquarters. They built themselves a small aircraft and flew away from the scene, as Libo explained his backstory.

After escaping a pack of angry Mutant T-Rexes, Amanda and Rex encountered the four founding members of the Dino Attack Team. She was rather annoyed when Rex lied to them, claiming that they were "Claw" and "Maw", instead of revealing their true identities. However, with the help of Ata, the founding members eventually figured out the truth, and offered to cure them. Amanda and Rex both gladly accepted the offer. That night, Amanda was injected with a serum that would remove the overriding Mutant T-Rex DNA and restore her Minifig body.

Dino Island Laboratory Edit


Amanda Claw after being cured

As predicted, the next morning, Amanda woke up as a Minifig once again. She was deeply surprised to discover that Rex, on the other hand, woke up as a normal T-Rex. Rex then explained to her his origins, and she realized that all this time she was loving someone who all along was a T-Rex. Nonetheless, Amanda decided that despite their different species, they could still love each other; it would just be a less-serious relationship.

Amanda was later sent to a subway tunnel in LEGO City, from which many Mutant Dinos emerged but never seemed to enter. There, she encountered Sam Sinister and the Brickster, and Sam Sinister attempted to interrogate her. She remained silent during the interrogation, and when Sam Sinister pulled out a pistol, she disarmed him with her hook. She proceeded to knock the two villains unconscious, and continued her path.

Eventually, she met up with Frozeen and Libo, both of whom were sent on the same mission. Together, they discovered a sewage system attached to the subway tunnels, and in the sewage tunnels they encountered a Mutant T-Rex. The Mutant T-Rex did not attack them, but simply warned them to stay away and to beware of several villains in the tunnel.

Suddenly, a Dino Track Transport appeared in the tunnel, and after Frozeen killed the drivers and freed several caged dinosaurs, Amanda and Libo climbed in the vehicle as well. They used the tank-like vehicle to speed into a chamber at the far end of the sewage tunnel and demolish two turrets set up in the chamber's center. There, they found Sam Sinister, the Brickster, and Vladek, but worked together with the villains to fight two mysterious Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids who guarded the chamber. One-by-one, the guards knocked out the Dino Attack allies and villains, leaving only Amanda and Sam Sinister. Sam Sinister attempted to make a deal with the Hybrids, that if he escaped they could kill Amanda instead, but the Hybrids responded by knocking them both out.

When Amanda woke up again, she was chained to a wall in a mysterious laboratory on Dinosaur Island, along with Frozeen, Libo, Sinister, Brickster, and Vladek. A Minifig who looked very similar to Rex's Minifig disguise entered the room and revealed himself to be Dr. Rex, the one responsible for the Dino Attack. He taunted them and discouraged them from attempting to escape, but was distracted when Libo managed to escape in his Little Bot disguise. The chains were broken, and Amanda and the others were freed.

As she passed a window in the laboratory, Amanda's arm was suddenly cut by flying shards of glass when a rock smashed the window. Evil Ogel, General Evil, and a few Ogel Drones climbed into the lab through the window, and proposed an alliance with the Dino Attack Team. Rex and Chompy both arrived just as Dr. Rex returned with more Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrids. Amanda then participated in a battle against the Hybrids, during which her chain whip was broken. Eventually, the Lurcher Drone L-D1L48 was convinced to act as a distraction, leading the Hybrids away while Amanda and the others escaped.

Along the way, they encountered what appeared to be Dr. Rex dragging along an unconscious Rex. General Evil immediately attacked the one thought to be Dr. Rex, but Amanda could tell from the tone and confusion in the Minifig's voice that he was actually not Dr. Rex. When many Hybrids surrounded the group, the Minifig created an opening, allowing Frozeen and the others to escape; unfortunately, Amanda and L-D1L48 were both captured by the Hybrids, along with the T-Rex. The Minifig ordered the Hybrids to release Amanda and L-D1L48, and Amanda realized that the Minifig was Rex and the T-Rex was Dr. Rex. Since Amanda and L-D1L48 were the only two who realized this, Rex told them to follow Frozeen and the others to tell them of the truth.

Unfortunately, Amanda and L-D1L48 were unable to catch up with Frozeen and the others, who had left Dino Island by boat. Seeing that the Dino Island Laboratory, with Rex still inside, was under attack by the Mesozoic Morphing Monsters, she decided to return to the lab and help Rex escape. Amanda and L-D1L48 managed to find Rex amidst the chaos of the attacked laboratory, and, along with a few Hybrids which now answered to Rex, they stole one of the Dino Track Transports and left the laboratory.

While in the island's jungle, the Dino Track Transport ran out of fuel, so the Hybrids were sent back to the laboratory to get more Octan gasoline. General Evil appeared, attacking Rex and refusing to stop until Amanda looked at him so fiercely that he realized that he was not attacking Dr. Rex. General Evil introduced them to Talia Kaahs, whom he had rescued from the laboratory, and asked them if she could also hop in the vehicle. As Amanda and Rex agreed, the Hybrids returned with the gasoline, when suddenly an armored Mutant T-Rex whom Amanda realized to be the real Dr. Rex attacked the vehicle. Using an old Alpha Team strategy, they escaped Dr. Rex and left the island using the sewage tunnels.

Goo Caverns Edit

The sewage tunnels brought the Dino Track Transport back to LEGO City, where they were joined by Sam Throramebi and Aster Oid. When they returned to Dino Attack Headquarters, Amanda helped convince Specs that Rex's mind-switching story was the truth. Later, Amanda, Frozeen, and Sam Throramebi rescued Rex from a Mutant Vinscale Octomus swarm just off the coast of LEGO City.

Commissioned by Evil Ogel, Dino Attack Team sent most of its forces to the Goo Caverns, which needed to be reinforced in order to harvest Green Goo, a substance that could stop Mutant Dinos. Amanda Claw was assigned to the same squad as General and Talia Kaahs. Together, the squad reinforced Quadrant 45 of the Goo Caverns, then got radioed by Specs ordering them to make the insecure Quadrants 14 and 15 their next priority.

Passing through Quadrant 27, Amanda Claw left General's squad and instead joined a squad with Rex, Zyra, and David Norman. However, while securing Quadrant 57, they were separated from Zyra and David. While searching for the other two Dino Attack agents, they ran into Agent Grease. Traveling deeper into the tunnels, Amanda and Rex encountered the Brickspider Bot v1.0.

After the Brickspider Bot was defeated, Amanda Claw and Rex continued to reinforce Quadrant 57, then began to oversee reconstruction of an Ogel mining center. Rex was later captured by Cyber-Bully and the Brickspider Bot; Amanda teamed up with three Super Rock Drones in a twelve-legged red-black vehicle to search for him. They were unsuccessful, and following an eruption in Quadrant 14, they were forced to board the Trouble Sub. Aboard the Trouble Sub, she worried about Rex, but was comforted by Greybeard.

LEGO Island Edit

Dino Attack Team's next major mission was to LEGO Island, where agents were sent to retrieve the Constructopedia. There, Amanda Claw was joyfully reunited with Rex. They shared a Fire Hammer with Frozeen, Sam Throramebi, and Sam Race.

Amanda noted that there were Mutant Dinos seemingly guarding the Information Center. The squad traveled there by Fire Hammer, and Amanda used the Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher to incapacitate the Mutant Pterosaurs on the roof. There, they were joined by a T-1 Typhoon piloted by Reptile and Coral. Together, they searched the Information Center, only to find a note written by a pirate and a radio message from Ata, both suggesting that the Constructopedia was hidden in the L.E.G.O. Radio Center.

They retrieved the Constructopedia and rescued Ata, only to find that the Constructopedia had been marked by some sort of tracking venom that caused Mutant Dinos to pursue their T-1 Typhoon. Amanda worked with Coral, Reptile, Rex, and Frozeen to shoot down Mutant T-Rexes. When Mutant Lizards started teleporting aboard the helicopter, Amanda helped Rex and Reptile in dispatching them.

Amanda was the first to notice another note aboard the T-1 Typhoon from the mysterious pirate, telling the agents to go to Space Mountain. She remained with Reptile, Sam Throramebi, and Sam Race aboard the T-1 Typhoon as they headed for Space Mountain. The helicopter fought off attacking Mutant Pterosaurs and destroyed their nests atop Space Mountain.

Outside a cave, they encountered Captain Click, the one who was sending them the notes. Captain Click stole the Constructopedia from the Dino Attack agents to fulfill his own desires; Amanda attempted to take it back, but was unsuccessful. However, when it was revealed that there was a XERRD laboratory inside Captain Click's cave, they teamed up with the pirate skeleton to attack the lab.

Amanda participated in the battle, smashed one of the laboratory's mainframe computers while fighting off XERRD scientists, Inferno agents, and Mutant Lizards. The Brickspider Bot v1.0, which oversaw the laboratory's operations, then revealed a terrible secret in Morse Code: Roger Remous had been killed by Finister, and this information was kept from Amanda by the Dino Attack Team.

For the first time since her parents' deaths, Amanda spoke. Angered and saddened, she asked Rex why this was kept a secret, but she was not satisfied with his answer. The Brickspider Bot proceeded to rip out the Constructopedia's baseplate page, turning LEGO Island into thousands of 1x1 bricks. Amanda managed to balance atop one of these bricks and was brought into the Torn World.

In the Torn World, Amanda would not even look at Rex. However, she did participate in building a walkway out of the 1x1 bricks to make it easier to transverse the Torn World. During the final battle against the Brickspider Bot, Amanda was shoved over the edge of the walkway, but grabbed onto a floating 1x1 brick. When her fingers slipped off the brick, her hand was grabbed by Rex just in time. Although Rex was in danger of falling off the walkway as well, they were both rescued by Bluetooth.

Joined by Reptile and Semick, Amanda was the first to notice several Hybrids approaching to help fight the Brickspider Bot. The Hybrids ambushed the Brickspider Bot and beheaded it, but the Brickspider Bot recovered quickly and killed most of the Hybrids. Taking one of the fallen Hybrids' electro-spears, Amanda finally forgave Rex and stabbed the Brickspider Bot's disembodied head, shutting down the robot for good and saving Rex from suffocation.

The 1x1 bricks left the Torn World and reformed LEGO Island, where Amanda Claw and Rex embraced one another. Their celebration was short-lived, as the Hybrids betrayed Dino Attack Team and badly-wounded Rex with one of their electro-spears. Amanda, Septimus, Semick, and Medic helped Rex aboard a T-1 Typhoon to receive immediate medical attention. Amanda also noted that Semick was paying a lot of attention to a wounded Sam Throramebi despite the latter's animosity for the former.

Adventurers' Island Edit

In the Dino Attack Hospital Wing, Amanda Claw and Ata waited by Rex's bedside until he regained consciousness. When Medic explained to Rex that he had been paralyzed from the waist down, Amanda comforted Rex and expressed her sympathies. Then, Amanda and Rex were told by Ata about a secret mission to Antarctica.

Amanda was asked by Rex as to why she had remained mute for many years. She decided to tell him about Don Bricassius and the murder of her parents, but only briefly alluded to her life as Silencia Venomosa. After that, Amanda volunteered to help push Rex's wheelchair.

Amanda and Rex entered the mission briefing room, where they were informed about the Maelstrom's presence on Adventurers' Island. They requested a ride on Hotwire's Talon, and were surprised to learn that Kat, who had transferred her consciousness into the helicopter, was actually a synthetic clone of Dr. Rex's sister Catherine Alexander.

As the Talon traveled to Adventurers' Island, it was attacked by Mutant Pterosaurs and was forced to make a landing in the island's jungle. While Hotwire stayed behind to make any necessary repairs, Amanda traveled with Rex, Chompy, and Tracer to find the Adventurers' jungle outpost. Because Rex was riding Chompy's back, Amanda and Tracer took turns carrying his wheelchair.

They arrived at the outpost and found Johnny Thunder's old journal, which suggested that the TumTum Tribe knew where the Maelstrom Temple might be located. While gathering Octan gasoline to fuel some of the vehicles parked at the outpost, they were attacked by a Stromling Explorer and Islanders.

Dust arrived and attempted to rescue the Dino Attack agents, but more Islanders arrived. While Dust was held prisoner, Amanda and the others were escorted to the Aztec Village to attempt negotiations with Achu. Achu teleported them into Dino Park, where they would have to hold their ground against endless waves of Mutant Dinos.

Although they were joined by Clark Deadworth and a female T-Rex, the group was losing the upper hand to the Mutant Dinos. Despite the potential danger it put her in, Amanda refused to leave Rex's side, since she saw it as her duty to push his wheelchair.

Then, after Chompy and the female T-Rex left to make negotiations with the native dinosaurs, Amanda and the other Dino Attack agents were teleported back into the Aztec Village, which was under attack by Mutant Dinos. After a long, hard battle, the Aztec Village was saved by a Triceratops stampede.

Amanda Claw and Rex shared a Fire Hammer, and began reminiscing about the Dino Attack and wondering about the future. After receiving information from Achu regarding the Maelstrom Temple, they were informed that Dino Attack Team was conducting a raid against a XERRD Fortress.

Amanda and Rex arrived at the XERRD Fortress, where they met up with a squad of Dino Attack agents commanded by Reptile and Sam Sinister. While the others took cover from XERRD snipers, Amanda grabbed a fallen agent's sniping rifle and shot down every single enemy sniper. Fleeing from a Stromling Explorer and a Skeleton Mummy, they entered the fortress.

Inside, they overpowered a group of XERRD scientists and guards, then disguised themselves with their lab coats and uniforms; Amanda Claw disguised herself as a XERRD guard. They had to find a place to hide the XERRD agents' bodies, and when Sam Sinister suggested the utility closet, Amanda quickly objected, claiming it was the most obvious place to hide unconscious bodies.

The group encountered two high-ranking XERRD scientists, Zed Provhezor and Walter Breen. Since they took away Sam Sinister for negotiations, Amanda and the others had to follow in order to rescue Sam Sinister. However, they reached a doorway protected by a force field which would only let XERRD scientists through; Amanda and everyone else disguised as a XERRD guard were repelled by the force field.

The force field's inventor, Michelle Glados, revealed herself and ordered the guards to get back to work. Amanda fabricated that Dr. Rex had specifically ordered her to push the wheelchair of Rex, whom she described as a synthetically-engineered clone of Dr. Rex. When Dr. Glados asked why a mere grunt would be trusted to such a task, Amanda revealed that she was actually Silencia Venomosa.

Using terror and her feared reputation to her advantage, Silencia Venomosa successfully extorted Chell Glados into letting her through the force field. However, because Dr. Glados realized that Rex, Reptile, and the others were disguised Dino Attack agents, she teleported the rest of the squad away and activated the fortress's neurotoxins.

Amanda Claw, Rex, and Reptile followed Dr. Provhezor to a room filled with crates. Claw and Reptile opened one crate and found several injection needles containing the antidote for the neurotoxin. Since Provhezor left only two needles behind, Amanda offered Rex one of the antidotes, but Rex declined and insisted that she take it instead.

They continued to follow Dr. Provhezor to the central chamber of the XERRD Fortress, where they found Dr. Glados, Dr. Breen, Lord Sinister, and Señor Palomar but were blocked off by a laser grid. After the XERRD scientists and Palomar teleported out of the fortress, Lord Sinister deactivated the laser grid and joined the group.

They met up with Semick, Prichard, and Carl Lutsky and proceeded to board the Talon with Kate Bishop, Dr. Cyborg, and Hotwire. They landed at a Dino Attack camp and proceeded to finally get some rest.

Amanda Claw later attended the trial of George Brown, who was being condemned to death by firing squad by Rotor for not following orders to fire upon the XERRD Fortress while Dino Attack agents were inside. Disgusted, she grabbed and loaded an assault rifle, left the trial, and crept towards the firing squad's location.

However, Amanda stopped herself before she could kill the firing squad, especially thanks to the intervention of Rockford and Clint Wayne. She returned to the tent and, although she lied to other Dino Attack agents, confessed to Rex what had just happened.

When Rex was summoned by the alpha female T-Rex to finish forming an alliance between Dino Attack Team and the native dinosaurs of Adventurers' Island, Amanda Claw accompanied him to the Ugalego ruins where the alpha resided. The T-Rex expressed disapproval of Dino Attack Team's alliance with Lord Sinister, which Amanda attempted to justify by bringing up her own reasons for joining Dino Attack Team in order to redeem herself of her past as Silencia Venomosa.

However, Mr. Cunningham was caught snooping around and refused to answer any of Rex's questions. As Silencia Venomosa, she threatened Mr. Cunningham with a knife until at last he revealed that he was working for XERRD and carrying out orders for Lord Sinister. Knowing that he had likely set up traps, Venomosa forced Mr. Cunningham into taking the lead when leaving the Ugalego temple, only to find that his traps had already ensnared a XERRD scientist named Dr. Paulie Gonepus and numerous Mutant Dinos.

With Mr. Cunningham and Dr. Gonepus as their prisoners, Amanda Claw and Rex return to camp only to find the area under attack by Mutant Dinos and Stromlings led by Zachary. After the Stromlings withdrew and Paulie Gonepus was interrogated by Adventure, Amanda suggested that the Dino Attack Team should let Dr. Gonepus escape so they could track him to the Maelstrom Temple. After Gonepus was released and determined to be traveling to the Temple of Hotep III, Amanda sent for Rotor and Kate Bishop as per Rex's request.

Amanda, Rex, Rotor, and Kate traveled in Adventure's Fire Hammer to the Maelstrom-infected region of Adventurers' Island, where they spotted the Temple of Creation. They parted from the rest of the convoy and traveled to the temple to gather Imagination for use in battle against the Maelstrom, but the entrance was covered with spiderwebs. While Amanda cut her way through the webs, the group was attacked by a Dark Spiderling, which Amanda killed with her knife. Then, the group was surrounded by Stromling Explorers and Stromling Islanders.

Amanda, Rotor, and Rex battled their way through the Stromlings until the team could make a break for it. Further inside the Temple of Creation, they discovered a statue containing an orb of Imagination. There, they encountered Señor Palomar and the XERRD scientists, learning that the Temple of Creation was actually the Maelstrom Temple. During the battle, Amanda tried to stick by Rex's side, but after Rex was picked up by Provhezor's hover-chair, Amanda Claw was forced to fight with her knife.

After Amanda witnessed the arrival of a mysterious samurai, she rescued Rex, who had landed dangerously close to the Maelstrom vortex in the temple. She defeated Señor Palomar before recruiting him in stopping Walter Breen, who was trying to escape the battle with Kate Bishop as his Minifig shield. Breen was then killed by Wallace Bishop, who revealed himself to be Frank Einstein in disguise.

Then, Lord Sam Sinister entered the chamber with the Maelstrom Crystal, prompting Baron Typhonus to reveal himself in the Maelstrom vortex. Although Typhonus granted Rex the ability to walk, Amanda Claw reminded Rex not to trust the Baron, who was the Darkitect responsible for the Dino Attack. When the Darkitect took away Rex's mobility once again, Amanda was sent to retrieve his wheelchair, but instead she went after Provhezor's hover-chair.

Amanda was relieved to discover that the hover-chair, while slightly-damaged, was still functional. However, when she returned to Rex, he was engaged in conversation with a generic Stromling posing as Kotua, and he could neither see nor hear her. The same applied to many of her other teammates, with the only exception being the samurai. The samurai explained to Amanda that Rex and the others were trapped in illusions created by the Darkitect.

As Andrew, Laxus, and Holly Vinyaya arrived, Amanda and the samurai agreed that it was up to them to free Rex and the others from their illusions. Then, Trigger approached the group, referred to Amanda as "Silencia Venomosa", and revealed that he was the bounty hunter with the alias Schiess. Amanda kept her composure and surprised Trigger by speaking aloud, but speaking was failed to trick Trigger into believing that she was not Venomosa. Additionally, Trigger's statement caused Amanda to become a target of Vinyaya's suspicions, since the Space Police officer had spent years trying to hunt down Venomosa.

Amanda returned to Rex's side, and a Mutant Lizard tamed by Stranger saw her and realized that what Rex saw was an illusion. For a split second, the illusion broke, allowing Rex to catch a glimpse of Amanda. This helped Rex break away from the illusion. As the Mutant Lizard killed the Stromling who was posing as Kotua, Amanda and Rex embraced each other shortly before helping Frozeen break out of his own illusion.

After Amanda and Frozeen helped Rex climb into Provhezor's hover-chair, they were shocked to discover that the mysterious samurai was actually a Minifig/Mutant Pterosaur Hybrid. Still, Amanda trusted the samurai, who revealed her name as Pterisa and felt very insecure now that everyone knew her identity. Knowing that Pterisa needed support, Amanda brought Rex to Pterisa and had the elite Dino Attack agent put his trust in her.

Amanda joined the others as they distracted the Darkitect from the actions of Lord Sam Sinister, who was being airlifted out of the temple with the Maelstrom Crystal, and Kate Bishop, who was injecting Frank Einstein's Creative Spark into the temple's Imagination orb. At last, the empowered Imagination was able to banish the Darkitect and restore the Maelstrom Temple to a Temple of Creation.

Before leaving Adventurers' Island, Amanda, Rex, Greybeard, Frozeen, and Hertz stopped at an Adventurers Outpost, where they learned that the alpha female T-Rex had perished in battle and Chompy was now the new alpha male T-Rex.

Rising ActionEdit

When they returned to Dino Attack Headquarters, Amanda and Rex went into Specs's office to privately see a hologram message from Frank Einstein. They learned that Rex was terminally ill due to Maelstrom poisoning, and he only had less than a month to live. Amanda was grieved by this knowledge, but understood Rex's refusal to tell the rest of the team.

After convincing Rex to get some rest, Amanda wandered the halls of Dino Attack Headquarters alone to cope with her insomnia. However, she was ambushed by Trigger and Snake, with the former accusing her of being XERRD's mole. As more Dino Attack agents arrived at the scene, Trigger announced that Amanda was Silencia Venomosa. Displaying a deceptively-tranquil fury, Amanda denied this accusation and reiterated that one of her main motives for joining the Dino Attack Team was to avenge the death of Roger.

As the Dino Attack agents grew suspicious of one another, since any one of them could have been the mole, Amanda decided to return to Rex's room. As she left, she could tell that Trigger was not finished with her, and so she began looking eagerly towards a final encounter with her old enemy. She ran one last errand before returning to Rex's room.

Since Rex needed to go to the lobby to speak with Gun, Amanda agreed to push her wheelchair there for him. When Gun was not there, she offered to find him and tell him that Rex was waiting. Amanda went to Rex's room, hoping Gun would be there, but instead ran into Naomi Carver, who asked Amanda to handwrite something for her to prove that she was not XERRD's mole. Although Amanda knew that she was well-intentioned, she wrote in multiple handwriting styles to prove that the test was faulty.

Upon learning that Soldier took Rex to a secret room to hide from XERRD's mole, Amanda rushed to the room in question but was too late to save anyone other than Rex. She waited with him in the hospital wing until he regained consciousness. Rex revealed to her in private that he believed that Specs was the mole. They were interviewed by Detective Bogart, who revealed that Amanda's knife had been found in Sniper's corpse.

As they searched for Pyro and Demoman, they were approached by Bogart and Commander Pharisee, who believed that it was in their best interest if Amanda was taken into custody until the true mole could be found. Before they could do so, Montoya approached Amanda and tried to shoot her with a shotgun, but failed due to intervention by Zachary Virchaus and Rex and was then taken into custody by Pharisee.

Amanda and Rex were informed by Ata that Specs wished to see them in his office. There, they attempted to arrest Specs, only to learn that Specs was not really the mole. The true mole, disguised as Specs, entered the office and was quickly incapacitated by Amanda. The true Specs revealed the mole's true identity to be none other than Ata.

As Amanda, Rex, and Frozeen searched through Ata's belongings, they found Spy's briefcase, which contained a love letter to Helen Rutherford. After quickly reading the letter, Amanda wrote a letter of her own, addressed to Bartholomew Enderson, to apologize for making him her secret-keeper during her years as Silencia Venomosa. Along the way to the post room, Amanda stopped in the prison complex to talk to Montoya, hoping to convince the retired criminal that she had also retired and was no longer Silencia Venomosa. Upon arriving at the post room, she handed her letter to Ed Mail.

When Rex saw Ata trying to escape, Amanda joined in the pursuit. She and Frozeen tried to take a detour in an attempt to surround and ambush Ata, but by the time they arrived at the lobby, Ata was already caught by a mysterious old man and killed by Greybeard. Later, the old man spoke with Rex and Amanda, who learned that Rex knew the old man as "Ben Gunn", and told them that Dr. Rex was planning an attack on Dino Attack Headquarters on the following day.

At War's EndEdit

After attending one final mission brief, Amanda Claw joined Rex and Frozeen on the battlefield as they worked together to man an Iron Predator. When they received a distress call from Greybeard and Sam Race, Amanda gave Rex and Frozeen directions to Enderson's bar, where they would meet up with Greybeard and Race.

Outside the bar, Amanda noticed a pack of Mutant Raptors attacking a civilian car. After dispatching the raptors with a Cosmotronic Ray, she discovered that the car's occupants were Carrie Enderson, Trigger, and Snake. Although she urged Enderson to escape the city, Amanda was disgusted that Trigger and Snake were deserting the team during the final battle. She warned Trigger that escape was futile due to the apocalyptic state of LEGO Planet and threatened him that, if she caught him trying to desert the battlefield again, she would kill him.

Amanda and Rex helped Greybeard and Sam Race board the Iron Predator, but they were ambushed by Dr. Rex. When Frozeen began to drive the Iron Predator away, Rex was accidentally left behind, so Amanda jumped out of the tank to rescue him. After the rescue, Rex and Amanda decided to marry each other, determining that there might never be a better time, and got Greybeard to conduct their wedding ceremony on the battlefield.


The death of Amanda

Amanda manned the Iron Predator's Cryothermic Cannon as Rex and Adventure teamed up in a plan to defeat Dr. Rex by using the electric-based weaponry of Adventure's High-Voltage Half-Track. Before the plan was completed, Dr. Rex attacked the Iron Predator and damaged the Cryothermic Cannon, and Amanda responded by stabbing one of the Mutant T-Rex's eyes with her knife. Rex's plan succeeded, and Dr. Rex was defeated, but then Baron Typhonus intervened and prevented Dr. Rex from staying defeated for long.

After Adventure sacrificed himself to save the others and Rex ordered Frozeen, Greybeard, and Sam Race to take a Fire Hammer and drive to safety, Amanda and Rex were caught in the Iron Predator as it was hit by a XERRD missile launched by Michelle Glados. They both survived the explosion, but Dr. Glados arrived at the scene and, to prove to Rex that emotions are weaknesses, shot Amanda with a high-tech gun, fatally wounding her. Amanda Claw thanked Rex for everything and told him to defeat XERRD and save the world, then she passed away.


After Amanda's death, her widower Rex was left in a depression and felt that he had nothing left, ultimately influencing his choice to sacrifice his Creative Spark to power the Einstein Device. When he died, Rex's last thought was about Amanda. As a testament to how much Amanda meant to Rex, Hertz bestowed the name Amanda upon the T-1 Typhoon from which the Einstein Device was fired.

After the war, Amanda Alexander's body was buried in the Remous family plot. Amanda's name will also be engraved on a memorial to all the fallen soldiers of the Dino Attack.

Abilities and Traits Edit

For most of her life, Amanda was mute, preferring to communicate through hand gestures, facial expressions, and general body language. This is because she blamed herself for her parents' deaths; while Roger remained silent, she told Don Bricassius how to get their fortune and later cried out to her parents, distracting them at a critical moment. After learning about Roger's death during the LEGO Island mission, she decided that she could remain silent no longer and started speaking again.

Amanda was also a skilled fighter, having trained in martial arts in her youth. Although her weapon of choice was a knife, early in the Dino Attack she adopted an improvised chain whip in an attempt to distance herself from her Silencia Venomosa identity; despite this, she had fallen back to using her knife again by the Adventurers' Island mission. She was also a deadly sniper, a skill she developed during her years as Silencia Venomosa.

Amanda was caring, compassionate, trusting, kind, and selfless. However, she was also fierce, spirited, and could even be intimidating when angered. Rex once described her as "disobedient yet loyal" because she valued the lives of her friends and family over the orders of superior officers. She looked for what is good in people, but often felt agitated when others underestimated her due to her gender or lack of speech. Due to her tragic past, Amanda also had a very dark side to her personality that had begun to reemerge once she started speaking again. Her childhood trauma left her with a nihilistic outlook on life. As Silencia Venomosa, she was cunning and merciless, doing whatever it took to capture a bounty, assassinate a target, or finish a job. After meeting Roger again, she was filled with shame and regret for her actions and chose to retire. By joining Dino Attack Team, she attempted to leave behind her old life and redeem herself. However, as war neared its end, the combination of the revelation that Rex was fatally ill, the reemergence of her darker side, the reappearance of Trigger and Montoya, and the paranoia of the mole hunt had taken a serious toll on Amanda, who was slowly beginning to break down. The state of her mental health was a major concern of Roger, who saw himself as her only remaining tether to reality and feared what would happen to her if he died; one of the reasons why Rex chose to become close with Amanda was so that he could be her new tether in the absence of Roger.

Shortly after they first met, Amanda took interest in Rex, sensing there was something trustworthy in him. She quickly realized that Rex was the only one other than Roger who could read her expressions and gestures, and therefore he could understand her. Combined with the fights with the H.R.D.B. and Phantom, during which they each saved the other's life, Amanda allowed herself to feel close to him. Over the course of the war, their relationship grew stronger until eventually their close friendship blossomed into love.

During her years as Silencia Venomosa, she developed immunities to the various toxins that she frequently used to incapacitate her targets. After injecting herself with the antidote, Amanda Claw was also immune to the neurotoxins used in XERRD bases.

When Amanda was injected with Mutant T-Rex DNA, the Maelstrom threatened to take over her mind and reduce her to a mindless beast, as it had done with Snake and Axel. Through sheer willpower, Amanda was able to resist the Maelstrom's takeover, and in the process she developed an immunity to the Maelstrom's influence. This prevented the Darkitect from seeing into her mind and bringing her worst fears to life in the Maelstrom Temple.

Because Bricassius burned down the Remous family mansion with a cigarette, Amanda suffered from a minor case of pyrophobia ever since her childhood. She also hated the smell of cigarettes and cigars. Because she would not abuse her privileges (Dino Attack Headquarters had a strict no-smoking policy), Amanda was one of the few Dino Attack agents allowed to carry an emergency lighter.

Quotes Edit

"Infiltrators always hide unconscious or dead guards in the utility closet, so when things start looking fishy, that's the first place the rest of the guards will look. We'll have to look for something less orthodox... Don't ask how I know that."
— Amanda Claw on hiding guards in utility closets
"What was the lesson to be learned from all these events? Never stand between Silencia Venomosa and her target."
— Silencia Venomosa
"Look, I may not know much about current criminals at large, but Claw's been here for a while, and she's been nothing but a good ally. Even if she did have a criminal background, I'm pretty sure she's trying to put it behind her."
— Andrew
"My name is not Silencia Venomosa. I am Amanda Remous, the sister of Roger Remous, a brave geologist and paleontologist who died for Dino Attack Team's cause. I am here to keep his memory alive and avenge his death. That is something worth fighting for, something far greater than money, something you would never understand, Schiess. So never call me Silencia Venomosa again. You may only call me Claw. I said this once before, I'm saying it again now, and if I need to, I shall say it again and again until it is drilled so deep into your brain that not even the real Wallace Bishop could extract it. Do you understand?'"
— Amanda Claw to Trigger
"Silencia Venomosa was out there. She couldn't be bargained with; she couldn't be reasoned with. She didn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And she absolutely would not stop, ever, until he was dead."
Dino Attack: At War's End
"Everybody has something to say. You just need to find someone who's willing to listen. In fact, just from looking at you, I know you have plenty of stories to tell, despite your silence."
— Anti-Amanda Remous

Trivia Edit

  • In addition to influencing Rex's decision to break out of his Minifig disguise, Amanda was introduced in Dino Attack RPG as a result of Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG, in which many Alpha Team agents had girlfriends while Frozeen was single.
  • Although Amanda Alexander is her real name and Claw is her official codename, she is often referred to by her friends as Amanda Claw. As explained in Love and War, this nickname was unintentionally created by Remous in a botched introduction to Rex; he started to refer to her by her real name but then remembered to call her by her codename instead, and Rex misinterpreted this as "Amanda Claw". Amused, Amanda ultimately took a liking to the nickname.
  • At one point in the Dino Attack RPG, it was revealed that Amanda was a telepath; shortly afterward, this was removed and considered noncanon.
  • During his period of weird dreams and strange desires, Andrew was frequently reminded of Amanda's brief period as a Mutant T-Rex. When he was convinced to visit the scene of her mutation, he found the very injection needle that had been used in the incident, still containing some of the Mutant T-Rex DNA formula. He kept it in his possession for some time, until he overcame his desires, and finally tossed the needle into a wastebasket.